Vytautas Kumža

Studio as an archive and a space as a catalyst for ideas and accidental possibilities. Where main focus is on photography and sculpture, the intersection area between both practices and its’ shifting perceptions creates a chance for a surprise, a mistake, a mismatch, maybe even a cliche meeting every controlling impulse of undoing.

For Vytautas Kumža photography is not a single act, but more as chain of decisions starting with the idea and ending with the form of presentation, often exposing the craftsmanship behind each image. By building a place where private studio and public space (gallery) merge, Vytautas Kumža presents physical displays holding a collection of photographs.

Extracted and transformed architectural studio parts are used as displays for encyclopedic range of photographs. Physical alterations of space leave visible mark in the final work, revealing original source as well as bringing photography production and its’ conditions up for a discussion. Photographic series becomes a vocabulary constructed by artist’s trickery; using visual illusion, spatial constructs, positive-negative imagery and exaggerated scale, leaving sardonic commentary on photography.

Questioning references of what particular image suggests and merging many elements into the frame of presentation, the theme of reappraisal of everyday objects in a familiar environment is raised by Vytautas Kumža work.